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Port-au-Prince, Nov. 7, 2005

Last week, the occupying troops in the country committed one more exaction yet. Jordanian soldiers rammed down the gate to the Larco soft drink factory, barged into the plant, forced people to lay flat on the ground, beat them and humiliated them. They also entered the ECEM industry and did the same thing. Amongst the victims, the majority were plant workers. At Larco, they threatened to return. Batay Ouvriye is raising its voice to denounce these acts of outright violence and abuse. But we should be clear concerning two things:

- These acts are part of a general situation. For us, words shouldn’t be played with to speak of “limited sovereignty” or other such gibberish, trash, to mask this reality. These acts are nothing else than those of foreign forces under the UN flag occupying the country. They are responsible for everything, with a puppet government, a lackey electoral board… They destroy as they wish, when they wish. They have no accounts to give to anyone. We denounce these acts and we denounce the disguised occupation that every day is unmasking itself more.

- Denouncing is one thing, mobilizing to fight another, with correct tactics and strategic line, another yet. Forces are already rising to denounce. We need to go beyond the denunciation to attain a mobilization to force the occupiers out. Here again, we need to clearly understand that if they are here, if we are in this situation, the true ones responsible are the ruling classes who have completely failed. The true persons responsible are the rotten, putrid politicians who have no problem with the occupation and who put us in this situation. It’s by no means accidental that no candidate has a program. It’s by no means accidental that virtually all agree to apply the Intermediary Cooperation Framework (CCI, in French). It’s by no means accidental that not one of them has a line of action to “regain the country’s sovereignty”, as they say when they engage in demagoguery.

Today, we need to perfectly ascertain the situation, to unmistakably determine our enemies, to clearly define the battles we must engage in.

To return to these acts, in the own context of their own logic, the occupiers must compensate all those they imposed sufferance upon, they humiliated. Both industries are in charge of the workers during the time they are in the factory, so they have to compensate the workers. But we say outright, the occupiers have to compensate the industries. However : occupation is occupation! They won’t do a thing. Quite the contrary!

In our logic, we need to go beyond the basic demand of compensation We have to engage in the task of kicking them out of the country, the only way for them to stop having total initiative, the only way for them to stop playing with us, playing with a country gradually advancing towards a new form of disguised occupation that will be called tutorship.

Comrade workers at Larco and ECEM, Batay Ouvriye is in solidarity with you. While we reinforce the committees in both these plants and attain a higher level of organization within the factories, we have to work fast to establish a firm coordination with the workers of other plants and begin our battle while we walk on both feet:

- Battle in both factories, battle against the rapacious bourgeois, battle against exploitation;

- Build the people’s camp, battle against the occupiers, against the occupation.