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March 2004


Ever since before Aristide’s departure, the political crisis was quickly deepening. In January, many political heads’ mandates were over. Already, that created an important vacuum. And with the anti-Aristide, anti-Lavalas, forces’ offensive, the situation became even more serious : authorities began fleeing in various regions. The vacuum was expanding day by day at the head of the State. With Aristide’s departure, the situation became more severe yet. THE STATE FELL INTO A SEVERE STATE OF CRISIS. AND THIS CRISIS WAS OVERT, EXPLODING IN THE FACES OF EVERYONE. In our own regions, whether rural or urban, we have the same situation. There are no legitimate authorities at the head of the State. Because of this, a good number of small hoodlums have taken advantage to start taking advantage of the people once again, without hesitation. THE SITUATION CANNOT CONTINUE AS SUCH!

We are quite conscious that during all of its administration, Lavalas accomplished nothing. Quite the opposite, if they did, all they did was negative: theft, corruption in general. We waged important battles against this. The Casec and Asec local authorities accomplished nothing other than violating peoples’ rights. We fought that too. Repression against various sectors: here again, we organized to be able to face it as we could and our capacity need to keep growing.

But we can’t move forward from Lavalas to fall into the toilets. We experienced 1986. We knew a little of what we didn’t want but we weren’t sure of what we wanted and how to fight for it. That’s what led us to the mess we are in presently. We’ve had experiences. After the sickness, we know its cures.

Today, after a new format coup, THE COUNTRY IS OCCUPIED. We can say that this is where the ruling classes, with their old recycled politicians, whether Lavalas or of the Opposition, have led us. Terror and repression are becoming even more widespread. All democratic rights, if they haven’t already been trampled, are becoming so. We see this, for example, in the Ouanaminthe Free Trade Zone where the big Dominican bosses are taking advantage of the political vacuum to exploit even more severely the workers, as they repress their rights without hesitation, particularly rights to unionize. We find this as well in various bourgeois factories where these vampires are taking advantage of the vacuum to trample all over the workers even more, while doing their best to be, themselves, at the head of everything happening in the major cities! We find this in all the countryside too, where the big landowners, with the assailants (“rebel army”), are terrorizing the small peasant to be able to steal the lands they’ve been working, along with their harvests. This is true throughout the country. THE STRUGGLE HAS JUST BEGUN AND IT’S VERY TIGHT!

The Lavalas problem equaled one single thing, TERROR, which covered us throughout the country. The big politicians never mentioned it but we, in the masses, were undergoing it every day more. THAT’S GOT TO BE SOLVED! Nobody’s going to solve it for us. We should know very clearly: the occupation forces have come here to solve the imperialists’ and the archaic dominant classes’ interests over here, nothing else! We have to take our responsibilities in hand to defend ourselves in this new situation, in all the cities, all the communes, every neighborhood, every town, every region. WE’VE GOT TO PUT IN PLACE OUR WORKERS’ INTERESTS DEFENSE ORGANIZATIONS!

The opposition, with the imperialists, think they’ll come to build-rebuild the rotten state on our backs. They aim at reestablishing the same state apparatus without any real change, without any deep transformation, without the slightest mechanism for popular control. We have to block that or at least hinder it, with our independent struggles. It’s through our battles we can attack both of these problems, the present repression and the identical state they’ve decided to ram down our throats again. Today, delimitation has to be crystal clear. No technocratic bourgeois government can’t make us dream or deviate us.

• The popular masses must continue to organize and advance in the battle to defend their democratic rights. We must precisely define our platforms of struggle once again, even though all of our demands remain. We have to fight to have electricity in all our neighborhoods, drinkable water; the State has to certify the lands where we, small peasants, are working; the workshops where all we small artisans are working have to obtain support; there must be correct irrigation in all the rural areas. We have to fight to stop taxes in the markets that are filling the pockets of hoodlums as we put a brake on the exactions of the Casec and Asecs. We should continue attacking the problem of exploitation (whether concerning urban or rural wage labor…), the problems of schooling and health, the problem of justice. All of these are axes for our battles. We must continue in these battles. But we should continue to walk on our two feet. While we wage these battles, we need to continue advancing in the initiatives we’ve taken to resolve certain problems we have in our regions specifically, that the State ignores and continues to ignore. LONG LIVE THE POPULAR DEMOCRATIC STRUGGLES!

• We have to come with our own alternatives in front of the present vacuums. We need to fight so they can’t come and rebuild the rotten State on our backs. It is we who must group ourselves to choose our political authorities. We shouldn’t let any central State or monkey political parties come and impose neither city hall commissions (mayors) nor Casecs for us. Furthermore, we should give the people we choose very clear mandates for them to execute and WE MUST HAVE CONTROLE ON THE EXECUTION OF THESE MANDATES! LONG LIVE A NEW AND DIFFERENT STATE!

• The moment is very difficult. But if we correctly start from our own interests, the workers’ interests and our complete platform of struggles, we can accomplish a major advancement.





March-April 2004