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October 18, 2005


Recently, we’ve been following the actions of this government with all of its technocratic acolytes. We’ve followed them throughout their generalized mess, chronic incapacity, general corruption and cowardice.

Now, we feel we must intervene once more because: things have gone way too far! Indeed, whereas it is this government that everyone knows to be stooges, the living symbols of the occupation they are seeking to organize to reduce us completely and install a protectorate, this government that represents all the yes-men, politicians and bourgeois who’ve decide to, with the modern colonists, put the Haitian people flat on its face, when we see this government who has decided to commemorate the memory of Dessalines, the fierce leader of our independence, that this government has chosen itself to declare “2006, the year of Dessalines”, we cry out: Enough is enough!

Enough is enough! For it to be this team of traitors, more treacherous than any other ever existed, that seeks to present itself as an ally of one the most vigorous liberation symbols ever to have existed in the history of our struggles, the history of our country: enough! The mystification has gone too far! The usurpation has gone too far! These collaborators have to know that we won’t let them continue mocking the Haitian people so, going so far as to tarnish the memory of one of the most important resistors our country ever had!

Worse yet: we remember that one of the main reasons Dessalines was assassinated was because he had asked the robber barons of his day: why were they the ones taking all of the land for themselves? And that, today, it is the representatives of these very same robber barons, internationally and nationally, who have decided to “commemorate” our victim that they were the very ones to have murdered!

Enough is enough!

That’s why we’re denouncing, with all the force we can, the filth of this intellectual crime! And are asking all workers, all consequent progressives, all social fighters, all those who feel their heads, hearts and bodies falling apart in this general situation, for all to protest too! Refuse! Refuse! Refuse to participate with the main traitors! These puppet stooges who have decided to mix together in a same rotten soup, Dessalines and Conze, the notorious sell-of the 1915 American occupation!