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Port-au-Prince, Monday July 18th 2005

Since a while, and recently more and more, the street violence has reached unforeseen heights. The forms it is taking increasingly approach frankly criminal acts. Certainly, these forms are BY NO MEANS IN THE INTERESTS OF THE WORKERS, NOR OF THE POPULAR MASSES IN GENERAL. And they may even have negative incidences.

We wish to remind all, however, that we have always pointed out that this violence has its roots in the situation of structural violence endured by the Haitian people and the workers in particular, that is: the unbridled exploitation, the domination and humiliations they are submitted to by the exploiters on a daily basis, leading them towards the misery we know and the sufferings at the bottom of our hearts.

If still necessary, the example of the two workers abused by the CODEVI security agents reveals this clearly. They were beaten with rifle butts, sticks, kicks, openly, before everyone, and left there, on the floor, in a puddle of blood! One of them was a pregnant woman in an advanced phase! Now, in the face of all of these flagrant witness accounts, when the Fort-Liberty justice granted reason to the workers and condemned the guilty, we have learned on the waves of Radio Caraibe that the government representative has gone so far as to declare that he doesn’t approve the verdict because it “could hamper investors”! That which leads us to ponder over who, in fact, continually sows the seeds of the violence!

In our last press statement, we informed the public of the government’s maneuvers to attempt to block the verdict in favor of the workers, concluding, specifically, that “each will judge”. Today, we say: “Each will understand! Each will understand WHO, deeply and specifically, is fomenting, maintaining and planning this structural violence and the role played by the government in this!”