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Up to now,July 2010, we at Batay Ouvriye, have received the following donations to the post-earthquake relief effort:

1.         Cash contributions (US $)

Miami Autonomy and Solidarity  $                                               2,330.00
Revolutionary Poets Brigade (California)  $                                                   420.00
Solidarity Committee  $                                                   110.00
Solidarity Center  $                                               2,620.00
Conlutas (Brésil)  $                                             87,843.60
Peuples Solidaires de France  $                                             10,161.00
Convergencia de Izquierda de Argentina  $                                                   978.00
Groupe Révolutionnaire Socialiste de Martinique  $                                               1,430.00
Miami Autonomy and Solidarity  $                                             15,700.00
Sindicato dos Trabalhadores  $                                               2,745.07
Action Carême Suisse  $                                               5,650.00
Haiti Support Group  $                                               2,000.00
Philadelphia Hospital Workers  $                                               2,142.27
Frente Obrero Socialista - FOS  $                                               1,000.00
Sindicato Celima SA  $                                                   400.00
Comision Gremial Banco Provincia Buenos Aires  $                                                   175.00
CNT - AIT Puerto de Santa Maria, España  $                                               5,906.08
TOTAL  $                                           141,611.02


2.         Contributions in kind

Action Carême Suisse

4 large tents


2 medium tarpaulins


2 large water supplies



Solidarity Center

5 medium tarpaulins


2 ink cartridges for copies


80 complete food, home cleaning material and other emergency supplies kits.



Kòdinasyon Nasyonal Vodouizan Ayisyen

7 bags of 100 lbs. of rice


6 medium tents


1 box of pre-prepared food



Various donors

1 large tarpaulin


1 family-sized tent


10 large tarpaulins

                                                                        Port-au-Prince, March 25th, 2010

These contributions were received following the Appeal to Solidarity we put out on January 20th, 2010.



On  January 12th, 2010, an earthquake hit us, we,  the Haitian people, terribly.
Besides the public buildings, for sure, it was the popular neighborhoods that were most destroyed. No surprise there, since they are the most fragile, the most unstable structures; they are the ones who never received any services, nor consolidation, nothing; quite the opposite, the ruling classes were always set on getting us out, displacing us, which is why we were never able to even try to consolidate ourselves by our own means.
As some capitalists try to force the workers to return to work in factories that are still damaged; while the store owners clutch their merchandises, not to speak of those who’ve decided to sell at exorbitant prices; while the state is showing (again) its complete nonexistence, a caracteristic n incapacity and incompetence (all they know is stealing, corruption and serving the big landowners, the bourgeois and the multinationals); while the “protect and serve” police force never showed up to assist the population faced with the gangs (which is normal, since all they know is repression); while the imperialist forces are taking advantage of the help they’re giving to establish a protectorate they hope to be definitive… the workers and working class, the popular masses in general are undergoing a catastrophic situation in which they are left alone and helpless.
Some press agencies developed their progressive aspect in allowing for a minimum of coordination in the field, some individuals helped in this too, consistent popular organizations are working without respite to do all they can, but: there are no means! Truly, beyond having utterly massacred us, the earthquake was completely beyond us.
As much as we can, we refuse to go through the dominant circuit. But the situation is beyond belief! That is why, today, we’re launching a SOLIDARITY APPEAL, to all workers, working class, all consequential progressives all over the world, to help us try to emerge from this terrible moment we are in.
According to the inventory we have made up to now, here are our most immediate needs:
Destroyed homes                    US $    50,000.00
Destroyed belongings                         20,000.00
Hurt, crippled                                     10,000,00
Daily existence                                    30,000.00
Dealing with deaths                            10,000.00

Total                                        US $    120,000.00

We need to add 40% to this calculation because the various prices keep skyrocketing and will continue to do so. So, the real TOTAL of this section is about: $US 170,000.00.
Furthermore, there are the various contacts we had begun to develop in the struggle for the 200 gourdes salary adjustment. They are many and in various neighborhoods. We have to help them too, in our own way, but actively. This demands an additional accounting, to be added to the first one. Also, in the areas where our militants and members live or function, several community actions are taking place. We’re active amongst them. To impulse our energy amongst them, to mark the necessary orientation. Immediately, too, we have to take the initiative to launch our own actions, in the context of the reconstruction, in which we can’t just accept that it’s the dominant classes who are giving it the form they want it to take. All this requires funds.
Taking into account all these forms of action and solidarity, we can say the grand total we need presently, for this first period, is roughly: US$ 300,000.00.
This is the necessary to help us survive, to help many workers hold on and resolve in the the minimum of their own lives, and, too, to mark a political direction in the struggle for our lives presently, so as to be able to develop more force in the face of the next catastrophe facing us: that which the imperialists, the dominant classes and their reactionary state are preparing.
We thank in advance all contributors. These times demand such forms of SOLIDARITY, which should all direct towards bridging together, an advance in our shared battles.
For those who wish to send help in kind (medicine, clothes, food, sheets, chairs...), the address is that of our central base: Batay Ouvriye, Delmas 16, #13 bis, Port-au-Prince.
For those who can send cash, our account information is as follows:
Bank Name: City National Bank of New Jersey
Bank Address: 900 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102
ABA Number: 0212-0163-9 City of NJ Newark
For further credit to: Fonkoze
Account Number: 01 000 9845
Account Name: Batay Ouvriye
Account Address: Ave. Jean Paul II, # 7, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Certainly, we will inform publicly all contributors (individuals and organizations) of that which was received at all times and the use of these funds.

Batay Ouvriye
Port-au-Prince, January 20th 2010