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Reseau Solidarite Réseau-Solidarité , France, is a gathering of citizens determined to use their powers of speech to help build a world of freedom and solidarity. Read their calls for solidarity with the struggles of workers in Haiti, num : 178, 194, 228, 242, 250.
Haiti Support Group The Haiti Support Group (HSG) is an association of individuals who support the Haitian people in their struggle for justice, human rights, and participatory democracy. It is a solidarity group based in the United Kingdom. The Haiti Support Group monitors developments in Haiti, and disseminates information and advice to a wide range of individuals and organisations about the real issues and true context of the unfolding situation.
Haiti Support Group

Batay Ouvriye Solidarity Network With the NY Global Sweatshop Coalition, this New York based organization held picket line every Thursday in front of the haitian consulate, in solidarity with the Guacimal workers' struggle from June to December 2002. Its actions often link with those of the Maquila Solidarity Network and the Nicaragua Solidarity Network, which produce "Weekly News Updates on the Americas", available on line, here.

Batay Ouvriye Solidarity Network
Maquila Solidarity Network is a Canadian network promoting solidarity with groups in Mexico, Central America, Africa and Asia organizing in maquiladora factories and export processing zones to improve conditions and win a living wage. In a global economy it is essential that groups in the North and South work together for employment with dignity, fair wages and working conditions, and healthy workplaces and communities.

Maquila Solidarity Network


Haitian Platform of Appeal for an Alternative Development, regrouping the SOFA womens' organization, and others including: MITPA, ITECA, ICKL, CRAD, ANDAH, COHPEDA and FONHADES


Platform organization providing support to repatriated and refugee Haitians, particularly in the Dominican Republic.

Alterpresse Alternative press agency in Haiti.

POHDH The Platform of Haitian Organizations for Human Rights regroups nine organizations. It has become active in recent times on the question of economic rights.
On the basis of the struggles we have waged, Batay Ouvriye has obtained various forms of solidarity coming from different organizations or groups. For a better relation with all, we find it useful to circulate this statement that will allow all our friends following our practices and wishing themselves also to offer their support, to understand our positions, our practices, in the framework of these relations.


- As a first principle, we feel it is possible to sit down and discuss with all organizations who wish to do so as long as this presents is beneficial to the struggle of the workers in their own interest. First of all, we inform those we are in discussion with of our stands and practices and, if we have an opinion on theirs, we communicate it to them in the same spirit. If, on this basis, they wish to initiate or continue a relation with us in the interest of the workers’ struggle, we are disposed to do so in the respect of mutual independence.

- In doing so, the theme of solidarity is invoked. Sometimes, to approach it, we are asked how, from a foreign country, to support Batay Ouvriye’s struggles. In this sense, our answer is always clear: the main element, for us, is militant support, given our political line which sets the problem of imperialist domination (even if it is sometimes deformed, since we are often discussing with organizations having a humanist orientation) while also setting that of exploitation (here again, and for the same reason, at times limited to it’s forms and scope). Also, as soon as possible, in approaching this question, we insist on presenting, as much as possible, that material contributions help the workers’ struggles in their own interest but that these contributions are of a different nature than militant support. Certain organizations, given their own nature, have more capacity for the militant support we give priority to. Others, rather, can contribute more to the workers’ struggles with material support. Some, finally, have the capacity to operate at both levels. What is important, in all cases, is to that political independence will always remain the fundamental principle guiding us in all forms of articulation.